HeliFlight Reconfigurable
Engineering Simulator

Developed in collaboration with Brunner Elektronik AG and Quantum3D


ART, Brunner Elektronik AG, and Quantum3D have integrated a reconfigurable

and expandable, low-cost, motion-based, mixed-reality flight simulator with today's (electric)

VTOL designers and researchers in mind

Features & Applications

Key Features

  • Low cost for simulators with comparable fidelity

  • Small form factor and mobile

  • Immersive and feature reach mixed virtual reality visual environment

  • Tunable and exchangeable flight controls and control loaders

  • Reconfigurable instrument displays

  • Expandable system with physics-based electric propulsion models (GT SUITE), slung load models, turbulent airwake, and more

Target Applications

  • eVTOL flight dynamics, flight control, and handling qualities

  • Fault and malfunction test and evaluation

  • Specialty operations: slung loads, fire fighting, ship-board/roof-top landing

  • Ride comfort assessment

  • Human-machine interface

  • Pilot training (where supported by authorities)

System Components

Consists of FLIGHTLAB software, image generation, visual display, cockpit displays,

and a motion-platform with control loaders

Image Generation

The HeliFlight Simulator uses Quantum3D's MANTIS image generation software


Images of the Heliflight Simulator at ART's office in Fremont, CA

HeliFlight is a reconfigurable engineering simulator

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