FLIGHTLAB is a flight vehicle modeling and analysis tool developed by ART that allows users to interactively produce models from a library of modeling components by arbitrarily selecting the modeling components, interconnecting them into a custom architecture, and assigning aircraft specific data to the parameters of these components.

FLIGHTLAB’s simulation language, Scope, provides an interpretive operating environment with a Matlab-like syntax that supports vector/matrix operations and interactive data and command access. Graphical User Interfaces are provided to expedite modeling and analysis of flight vehicle models by automatically generating Scope code from user specifications defined in a “point and click” interface, completely eliminating the need for programming in model development and analysis. While FLIGHTLAB can support modeling of both fixed wing and rotary winged vehicles, the complexity of rotorcraft modeling has made it particularly attractive to the rotorcraft community and it is today the leading commercial software tool for rotorcraft modeling and analysis.

FLIGHTLAB Key Features

  • Multi-Body Dynamics
  • Graphical User Interface for Modeling
  • Design and Analysis Capabilities
  • Test and Evaluation Capabilities
  • Real Time Simulation
  • Open Architecture