As of FLIGHTLAB 3.3, ART’s release structure has changed to support a wider variety of Linux platforms.

Support for CentOS 6 was added in FLIGHTLAB 3.4. Support for CentOS 7 was added after FLIGHTLAB 3.6.2. Note that you must explicitly set the environment variable $FL_PLATFORM to c6x64, c6i386, or c7x64 to use these versions.

FL_MACHTYPE Supported distros C runtime C++ runtime Fortran runtime
RHEL 6.x,
CentOS 6.x
gcc 4.4.6,
glibc 2.12
g++ 4.4.6,
gfortran 4.4.6,
c7x64 RHEL 7.x,
CentOS 7.x
gcc 4.8.3,
glibc 2.17
g++ 4.8.3,
gfortran 4.8.3,
RHEL 5.x,
CentOS 5.x
gcc 4.1.2,
glibc 2.5
g++ 4.1.2,
gfortran 4.1.2,
RHEL 4.x,
CentOS 4.x
gcc 3.4.6,
glibc 2.3.4
g++ 3.4.6,
g77 3.4.6,
linux-rh8 (i386 only) Red Hat 8,
RHEL 3.x
gcc 3.2,
glibc 2.3.2
g++ 3.2,
g77 3.2,
linux-glibc22 (i386 only) Red Hat 7.2,
RHEL 2.x
gcc 2.96,
glibc 2.2.4
g++ 2.96 g77 0.5.26


The most common problem you are likely to encounter is missing Fortran or C++ libraries.

The symptom will be an error message similar to:

scope: error while loading shared libraries:
cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Fortran is typically not installed by default on most Linuxes, so you or your system administrator may need to install it. It is usually available from the distributor, just not installed by default. Instructions for specific distros below.

RHEL5, CentOS, Fedora, and other yum-based systems

yum install


up2date --install


zypper install

Sometimes it’s a different library that’s missing, but the solution is the same: simply replace with the library in question.

Newer Linuxes

GNU Fortran and its associated runtime has been updated, and recent Linux distributions include the newer by default. However, the older is usually available in a compatibility package. The same solution pertains:

yum install

NOTE: Do not simply copy to That will not work. is not compatible with – that’s why they changed the version number.

Older FLIGHTLAB releases and

FLIGHTLAB version 3.2 and earlier were built with g77 instead of gfortran. G77 libraries are still available for current RHEL versions in the compat-libf2c-34 package. One of the following should work:

  • sudo yum install
  • sudo yum install compat-libf2c-34