Aircraft Design and Analysis

ART offers expert consulting support for the design and analysis of rotorcraft, helicopters, and other air vehicles. We have supported the aerospace industry since 1982 with a broad range of consulting services and we have performed design, analysis, and test and evaluation services for manufacturers and the U.S. government.

  • Parametric study

  • Performance analysis

  • Stability and control

  • Aeroelastic stability

  • Aerodynamic and structural Loads

  • Vibration

  • CFD/CSD coupled analysis

Avionics and Flight Control Testing

ART provides customized simulation models for interfacing with and testing avionics and flight control hardware. The integrated solution allows testing and refinement of hardware prior to installation on rotorcraft, helicopters, and other air vehicles.

  • Interface with existing hardware

  • Pilot-in-the-loop/hardware-in-the-loop testing

A person sitting in front of monitors. She is testing flight control hardware with hardware-in-the-loop testing.

Simulator Integration

ART offers integration support for interfacing our rotorcraft simulation models with our customers' training or research simulators. We customize our model interface and interface protocol based on the customer's needs.

  • Interface with new or existing hardware

  • Model development and customization

  • On-site integration support

  • Validation and QTG support

A person inside of an AVCATT Mobile Rotorcraft Simulator that is using FLIGHTLAB

Flight Test Support

ART supports rotorcraft flight test programs and the post processing of flight test data. Both U.S. Army and U.S. Navy customers have used our FLIGHTLAB modeling and analysis tool to support rotorcraft flight testing and ART has developed unique software to simulate the standard flight test scenarios performed in evaluating rotorcraft. ART can use these scenarios with our flight dynamics models to simulate a complete rotorcraft flight test program, allowing the optimization of sensor types and locations, maneuvers, and flight conditions.

  • Define envelope of operation

  • Sensor placement

  • Post process flight test data

Helicopter in the sky using a flight test support device

Accident Investigation

ART provides expert support for flight reconstruction, often as part of a rotorcraft or helicopter accident investigation. We apply our models and known information about a particular flight in order to reconstruct the flight. Using the reconstructed flight, we can predict flight data that may be missing or not recorded.

  • Predict control positions for a known flight path

  • Reconstruct flight path

  • Simulate aircraft response to various malfunctions

Helicopter Damaged Blade Accident Investigation