Joe English

Software Engineer and Chief Unix Weenie

How to reach me

Work: Advanced Rotorcraft Technology, Inc.
635 Vaqueros Ave
Sunnyvale CAvenewt 94085
Work: +1 (408) 523-5100
Home: JUniper-4 1983
E-mail: no longer works. Use jenglish instead.
Middle name: Peanut-9

What's here

GCS/GSGML>GMA d? H- s-:--- !g p? a- w v+(*) C+ UI++++ P++ L 3 N++(-)>!N E--- K+++ !W--- M V-(--) po Y+ t++(+) 5- j R- G' tv+>!tv b+++ !D B-- e++ u+(**) h--- f r+++ !n y+++

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